Fuel for Thought


In the 21st century you would think it unnecessary to write a book based on the premise that an enlightened society and human progress are both a good thing and dependent on an enlightened citizenry through education in reason, rationality, and critical thinking. But, in fact, those very principles are once again under assault by people who think these ideas lead to racism, misogyny, imperialism, and colonialism. So, Gabriel Wilensky’s new book is at once a welcome counter to this negative trend, and a delightful tutorial on how to think.

Michael Shermer

Presidential Fellow, Chapman University; Author of The Moral Arc and Conspiracy; Publisher, Skeptic Magazine

Wilensky surveys fundamental aspects of modern society that he feels are desperately in need of a rethink. … Wilensky presents his opinions in lucid, plainspoken, but high-minded prose. … He offers some engaging explanations of complex concepts…and he explores some imaginative potential reforms.

— Kirkus Reviews

Gabriel Wilensky has penned a learned, expansive, and idealistic volume in a field where that kind of thinking is sorely needed. Those thinking about the future of education would do well to explore this intriguing volume.

Rick Hess

Senior Fellow and Director, Education Policy Studies, American Enterprise Institute

Fuel for Thought is erudite and encyclopedic, pointed and provocative. Its aims are well worth consideration. Wilensky’s emphasis on education and enlightenment has much to commend it. I have benefitted from my reading.

John K. Roth

Edward J. Sexton Professor Emeritus of Philosophy , Claremont McKenna College

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The Abyss of Irrationality

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