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Fuel for Thought

Ideas to power a better world

By Gabriel Wilensky

Fuel for Thought: Ideas to power a better world shows readers what factors are detrimental to human progress and the well-being of society, and makes far-reaching recommendations of things parents, educators, policy-makers and any intellectually-minded people can do to make the world a better place.

about the Author

Gabriel Wilensky

Hi! I am Gabriel Wilensky, founder of Thought Academy, a website dedicated to teaching people how to think critically and rationally. Using reason for everything we do in life is critical to make the world a better place. This subject is one of the major topics of Fuel for Thought

I am also the author of Six Million Crucifixions: How Christian Teachings About Jews Paved the Road to the Holocaust, a book that shows a particularly pernicious consequence of abandoning reason and embracing superstition. 

Additionally, I worked for many years in the software industry where I was responsible for many successful software products, several of which are being used by many millions of people. Quite a few of these products won many awards and were covered by the media worldwide. Among them are such blockbuster hits as Morph, the Aladdin Activity Center, the Lion King Activity Center, GoPro Studio and the GoPro App.


Other Books & Articles

Six Million Crucifixions

Traces the history of antisemitism in Christianity and the role that played in making possible the Holocaust.


Articles on miscellaneous topics. 


A topic worthy of analysis and an analyst worthy of the topic.

MIchael Berenbaum

Sigi Ziering Institute


Wilensky has read widely, thought deeply, and writes persuasively.

Dr. Geoffrey Cocks

Albion College


Wilensky writes for the general reader, making the complex issues accessible to a wide audience.

Frederic Krome

University of Cincinnati

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